As we delve deeper in this artistic adventure, we present the next masterpiece from our Chopada collection, Koi. Decorate your living/workspace with these aesthetically appealing koi fish. Bring home or gift this vibrant, handcrafted aquarium while enjoying the calm fluidity of this artwork.



Material Used: Dyed Fabric
Technique: Embroidery on Fabric
Dimensions: 300mm x 25 mm x 300 mm

Price: ₹ 2899

(Incl. of all taxes )+ Shipping on Actuals

_MG_1847-Edit copy.jpg


Color your workspaces and homes in mythical beauty, crafted with the blend of Pichwai & Chopada art techniques. 



We all learned about the strength of the scientific prism during school, but through our creative touch, we combined it with the fluidity of Chopada art.