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Color your workspaces and homes in mythical beauty, crafted with the blend of Pichwai & Chopada art techniques. Let’s revive these ancient art forms in the most creative way, while these traditional masterpieces fit perfectly with your modern touch.




Material Used: Dyed Fabric
Technique: Embroidery on Fabric
Dimensions: 300mm x 25 mm x 300 mm

Price: ₹ 2899

(Incl. of all taxes )+ Shipping on Actuals



We all learned about the strength of the scientific prism during school, but through our creative touch, we combined it with the fluidity of Chopada art.



Decorate your living/workspace with these aesthetically appealing koi fish. Bring home or gift this vibrant, handcrafted aquarium while enjoying the calm fluidity of this artwork.

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